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We ended up with a selection of films from four different time slots

Thanks to all the creators who made the difference, to all the amazing movies


ELLE S'EVADE  | Curnillon Xavier

In Your Room | Alessandro Amaducci
Remake Remodel  | Alessandro Amaducci
Permission to land  |  Martin Gerigk
Fuggiro Tanto Amore  | Raúl Lorite
About My Man  |  Ana Bilic
Sad  |  Jie Tian
Toys  | Peleyrol Anaïs
Gaïa  | Maximilien Saint-Cast, Gaël Cathala

Amorphous  | Anaya Nicole Murray

THEM  |  Oscar Guzmán
A FILM  |  Bailiang He
Alter Demo  |  Thibault Castan Boissy
[ technopoetics ]  |  Alexandre Dacosta
Avatar Walks The Earth II  |  Hinano Reia, Nicolas Servais, Lotus Ocean
Romance Land  | Yossi Galanti
No Water  |  Pietro Gardoni
Moussa on the roof  |  Iacopo Fulgi, Valerio Maggi
Greenwood  |  Patrick Chadwick
Amellus  |  Patrick Chadwick
The Dolphin of Delphi  |  Giorgis Fotopoulos

The Woman from the end of the seas  | Elsa Parisot
The creative spark that follows saying "I Don't Know"  |  Glen MacKay


St. Jude  | Pauline QUINONERO
Every Three Days  |  Mark Petrasso
Olive Planet  |  Shehab Fatoum
The Wild Roots  |  Nicolas Millot
PANAH  |  Fatemeh Ghadirinezhadian
MEASURLESS  |  Xavier Curnillon, Louise Bédard
PORFYRI LEMONIA  |  Dimitris Andjus
Alone After All  |  Irénée ROSTAN
Daydream  |  Julian Hamman
Earthly Delights  |  Tianyi Huang


A Day By The Sea  |  Ikram Nurmehmet
RÉDA  |  Baptiste Antignani
Indian Summers  |  Nicolas Houver
Unhappy 2 - Plans  |  Thomas Goersch, Hasso von Scotch

PUZZLED  |  Jiang Liu
Deep clean water  |  Kevin Rumley
Qi'An  |  Maxine Hsieh
A lost man  |  Yanzeng Liang
The Sun Goes Down  |  Peichang Ye


PARADOX  | Vasileios Billy Blioumis

Bonjour Bonheur  |  Neil Astier, Achille de San Nicolas

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